So ya wanna know more about this man with the plan? Wanna dig the scene with this DJ machine? Check the phat with this cool cool cat?
Well we did, and now it’s your turn to get the scoop on dB+ , the new name on the streets and in the mix. He took a break from the beat and put it on pause to give us a Q&A session exclusively for Now get to know the boy.

Been goin' since when?
My parents got 'jiggy with it', I haven’t slowed down since!

What made you start to DJ, and what were your first interests?
I used to be a real grunge kid, into Nirvana, L7, Mudhoney, Porno for Pyros, Janes Addiction etc, I was on the side of the stage for the last ever Nirvana gig in the UK (Reading 199?) and basically thought that dance music was a bunch of arse. I ended up working in Cornwall for a summer and was hanging out with some guys who were into dance music, I was persuaded to go out with them to a club and discovered the joys of dance music and all the related fun stuff.

Gigs you've done in England?
Ummm, lots. Liverpool, Manchester, London (residency and guests all over the place), Cornwall, Loads of free parties / raves....

Gigs in Europe & abroad?
Berlin, Prague, Budapest.

How did the EP come about?
Blood, sweat, and tears.

What made you pick these songs?
"Not Invented Here" was the obvious single, it seemed to be the one that did the most damage when playing out. You can see when you drop a good tune ‘cos the dance floor starts to move differently, people start grooving a little more, the heads bounce a bit more etc. That kinda thing is a pretty good litmus test, and "Not Invented Here" was also getting that kind of response, so that was the choice for the first single. "Lady Electric" was the track that got me hooked up with 5000 records so that had to go on there, and "This Be the Centre of Where It's All @" was written for when I’m DJing in Brixton, cos, it is the centre of where it's all at.

Samples used?
Ha ha ha ha, in the words of Ali G "What do you think, that I is stupid?" Lawsuits don't suit, if you get me. Let's just say the EP is all my own work.... Seriously tho, there are no really dodgy samples, exe on "Lady Electric", which is a remix of an old Disjam track, and they are on 5000 records as well so it's all good.

Fave track at the moment?
At the moment my ears are rocking to the following: "Petal Pusher" by Miguel Miggs, I really like "Mighty Miami" by Spiller, ummm, "Sunday Shouting" by Johnny Corporate, anything by Pussy 2000, that Big Yoga Muffin track is kinda cool, Les Rhythm Digitales remix of the Beck track that's been kicking around for a while, The Krafty Kuts remix of 2 in tha Bush's last track, The Dirty Beatniks album, and a great track by Soul Survivor on Hustle Disk called "Chicago Needle".

Your music heros growing up?
Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Chic.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
From the world of dance music I would love to get Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Groove Armada, and Moloko all in the studio together, that would be kinda Fun. Otherwise, Stevie Wonder (obviously), brain has gone blank here *LOL*…erm…Bernie and Nile from Chic (not so easy now one of them is dead), I really rate Q Tip, would love to get him laying down over some house beats, Total, Beck cos I really rate his stuff, BB King, Francis Kevorkian, Aphrodite ‘cos he has done some really cool stuff, not just jungalist stuff. Oh yeah and of course King B ‘cos he did one of the greatest break beat tracks of all time - Back by Dub / Dope demand. Oh yeah and Womack and Womack to do a version of Footsteps.

Do you want to tour?
Yeah, I’m getting a band project together at the moment, a live MC, scratch dj's, bass, and samples. It's gonna be real good fun. I used to be a tour manager ‘tho so I know there is no glamour involved in hanging out on a bus with a bunch of sweaty guys, just lots of beer, b.s., and b.o.

Are you looking to "go commerical", or "go underground"?
Neither really, just to be me and make music. If 100 million people wanna buy it, That’s great ‘cos then I can afford to live a really plush life and do all the things I want to do, if only 100 people were to buy my music but they really love it then you have achieved something positive there as well. Realistically ‘tho, I couldn't really do the massive cheese thing, also I don't think you have to. There are so many big bands that haven't sold out. It's not like it was 6 yrs ago when if you were a dance music band you had to make tunes like Sash or any of that crap to sell albums. The public's taste seems to have widened quite a lot so slightly more leftfield stuff gets bought, which is cool. I think you can still sell as many records as you want and still keep true to what you do, it's just sticking to your guns and listening to yourself.

Fried chicken or BBQ?
Eeeeuch. Neither. Lifelong veggie. BBQ or fried, not with a barge pole baby!

Goal for rest of y2k?
Party, *LOL* Umm album, gigs, singles, re-mixes, more holidays etc. Also I am setting up an imprint on 5000 records with the guys from the label called 5000 beats - it's just going to be dance floor vinyl for DJ's, so I guess to get some recognition for the imprint, get the tracks played out by DJ's I rate etc etc. All in I guess 2 albums, dB+ one and label one, 2 /3 more singles, and a successful imprint.

Goal for rest of life?

dB+ ‘s new single "Not Invented Here" is out now in shops near you. Run out, go get it, play it loud, tell all your friends, then play it again!