Brixton, London. Home of the old-fashioned Ritzy Cinema, colorful markets, and a plethora of old-skool DJís. No other area of Britain boasts the toast as the breeding ground for our future spinners in training-cum-masters of the turntables. The new boy with the new tunes is db+ (to educate you further, thatís the magic music symbol for "decibel", that groovy scientific term for measuring the intensity of a sound.) And boy can this cat hold true to his name. He measures his musical intensity with a giant jug full Ďoí beats filled to the brim, shaking his sound with more power than a cartoon frog in a high-speed blender.

With his debut 12" EP "Not Invented Here" just out on our ears, its easy to understand why the underground sound is indeed the better sound. One listen to db+ and you can support this theory whilst becoming enveloped in the beats like spicy salsa beans in an extra-large burrito- Too hot to handle!! With most tracks "written, produced, sliced, and diced" by db+ himself, itís an all-too impressive curriculum vitae of DJ skillz that finds the born & raised "Saaarf" London boy right at home in the land of international reputes. From the depths of the decibels come the mightiest of tracks, and these are they.

Heís been doiní the deed on the decks since before his vocal chords cracked, but the lower the octaves went, the higher the brain power they produced. His talents soon took him spinning around the world, from Budapest to Berlin, to the corners of Prague, to a zillion pubs and clubs within the M25. Proving that meek shall inherit the earth (or, at least the airwaves), his debut single "Not Invented Here" has leaped from a handful of hot slabs of wax to well-requested commercial radio play on Xfm (mixed in fierce forces by the illustrious duo Eddy Temple-Morris & James Hyman).

The video has even topped that, landing that often-tricky but this time triumphant victory of frequent and festive MTV rotations. Proof of this is visible on MTVís saturday night adrenaline show Partyzone, (over 21 plays in the first 2 weeks), MTVís Chill (aired as an exclusive during our homelands special), and frequent spot plays every day on our digital sister station MTV Extra. And this is just in the UK & Ireland. db+ and "Not Invented Here" has even successfully transferred to MTVís continent counterparts, showing his sights aní sounds in Germany, Italy, MTVís Nordic regions, and of course the European mainland countries.

"So where can I see this video", you ask us? Well if youíve missed it the first time Ďround or canít stay up late to watch it on telly, fear not oh great lovers of dance. Weíve got it right here, as MTV.CO.UK brings you the cream of the crop and the latest of crazes with one of dance musicís hottest properties since Fatboy Slim re-decorated his Brighton abode. Learn Ďbout the man, dB+ himself, then watch him in action. Live aní learn aní check it out.